·        Company 's objectives


Supply fuel, lubricants, Fuel and Water of every kind and equipments to oilfields and oil companies.

·         To provide maintenance services to storage tanks, machinery and all oilfield equipments.

·         To enter into joint venture with specialized foreign companies in area of seismic services.

·         Laying and maintenance of pipelines.

·         Drilling, maintenance and operating of oil and water wells in the oilfields, obtaining of representation from oil companies.

·         Importing and own equipments and machines, as required to enable the company to execute his activities or supply oil and gas industry.

·         Preparation, possesses, or contributes in studies, designs and technical consultation in the area of oil services.

·         Establish workshops and work sites as required to carry out company's activities.

·         Supply, erect and operate developed oil technology including local and international networks and programs related to oil services.

·         Own transportation means, machines and equipment, buildings and premises which serve the objectives and management of the company.

·         Heavy & light transportation to and back forward, work sites. Convey of all services machineries, tools, equipment and materials from sea ports to oil-fields.

·         Rental lifting equipment and all the industrial machinery and tools.

·         Maintenance and annual services for plants and oil refineries.

·         Installation, operation of technical equipment and maintenance.

·         Manpower supply.

·         Tank construction, cleaning blasting, painting works, camp and oil-field facilities.

·         Procurement, Representation and sponsorship of specialized companies.

·         Leveling, excavation and extending oil pipe-lines.

·         Mobile Equipment and Light Vehicles Lease.

·         The execution of oil contracts such as civil works and electrical and electromechanical works among which importing and supplying of oil and water pipes.

·         Providing mud log services of oil wells, analyses of cylindrical samples, geological studies, maritime works, projection of metals and other products as well as providing services related to industrial safety, protection of the environment and pollution prevention and control.

·         The execution of studies of oil reservoirs, recovery methods, oil well tests and other related services.

·         Preparation and execution of training programs and engineering consultation.

·         Purchase and owning financial shares and bounds, general bounds, contribution in establishing and managing oil companies.

·         Participation in any way with other companies and institutions which practice similar activities in order to conclude contracts of technical support and project execution, which may help the company to carry out its business and the right to represent other companies inside Libya or abroad and to merge with it.


·         In order that the company can achieve its objectives, will enter into a joint venture or cooperate with individuals, companies or enterprises which carry out similar activities locally or abroad.