Alssedra Oil Services Company is one of the major oil services companies in Libya and it provides all the known oil services in the oil field such as;

 ·        The assisting works in searching & exploration on oil.

 ·        Submitting studies, data analyzing, and submitting the geological and consultancy studies in the oil & gas field.

 ·        Performing the surveying works at coasts and off-shore works and the possibility of make use of the foreign experts and its participation, and reservoirs and Braqes cleaning.

 ·        Performing the maintenance, protection and furnishing oilfields, completing the procedures related to the oil stations and all its services and transportation services as well as procuring materials, equipments and used machines in oil area and importing it from abroad either temporary or permanent.

 ·        Providing transportation services to materials, equipments and machines related to the drilling in the marine and desert areas.

 ·        Accepting the commercial agencies and importing the operation instruments for achieving its purposes.

 ·        Performing the marine and air seismic and the vessels and aircrafts leasing as well as its temporary importation for its use in this field.